Ossicle Duo

Contemporary Masters Award January - June 2019

Melbourne Recital Centre is pleased to announce the January to June 2019 Contemporary Masters Award has been awarded to Ossicle Duo.

On 14 May, Benjamin Anderson (trombone) and Hamish Upton (percussion) of Ossicle Duo performed L’art Bruit, written by Mauricio Kagel in 1995, in the Primrose Potter Salon.

The award is supported by pianist Stephen McIntyre AM and friends who established the award in honour of Stephen’s birthday. It enables Melbourne Recital Centre to recognise the finest performances of repertoire from the 20th and 21st centuries. The Contemporary Masters Performance Award is open to selected ensembles who perform at Melbourne Recital Centre throughout the year.

Marshall McGuire, Melbourne Recital Centre’s Director of Programming says “Ossicle Duo created a magical musical space with their performance of Kagel’s ‘L’art bruit’. This unusual and engaging combination of percussion and trombonist acting as percussion assistant was a virtuosic, theatrical, funny, curious and arresting experience in the Primrose Potter Salon, demonstrating high levels of skill and engagement.”