Anna Goldsworthy

Bookmarks: Melting Moments

A book club with Anna Goldsworthy

Melbourne Recital Centre is renowned for connecting audiences with one of life’s great pleasures: music. In lieu of being able to provide concerts, it’s now engaging arts-lovers in the related joy of reading. The Centre is launching the inaugural online book club called Bookmarks where readers can share new discoveries and connect in conversation.

The first book the club will read is Melting Moments by Melbourne Recital Centre’s 2020-21 Artist-&-Writer-in-Residence, Anna Goldsworthy. Released earlier this year, the novel is Anna’s fiction debut, following the success of her critically acclaimed memoir, Piano Lessons.

Beginning in 1941, it offers a portrait of a woman’s life over more than five decades as a series of key moments. It explores the themes of fate, transience, intimacy and forgiveness. Critics have praised Melting Moments as a ‘charming novel’ (Artshub), which paints ‘a generous and vivid picture of … so many women’s lives’ (The Australian), and gives readers ‘much to enjoy’ (Australian Book Review).

Anna will join the Bookmarks club to host a discussion with readers on Tuesday 29 September via Zoom, making this a great opportunity to engage with the author beyond the page. A concert pianist as well as an author, she is the ideal person to lead the Centre’s foray in the world of books.

The award-winning writer said:
‘When I first started writing Melting Moments, it felt odd to release the work into silence. A reader’s encounter with the text is a private consummation – unlike that of a concert audience, whose feedback is immediate and an integral part of the experience. Releasing a book into a pandemic is an even quieter, more private experience. I look forward to breaking that silence for a moment, particularly in my musical home of Melbourne Recital Centre.’

Books are great source of comfort during difficult and uncertain times. Combined with the opportunity to discuss them together with like-minded people, Bookmarks is expected to bring back a touch of warmth and social connection to the community, especially to those who miss receiving this at the Centre’s concerts.

‘Goldsworthy is a superb writer and an exceptional observer of human nature.’ Readings

‘Melting Moments is a quiet masterpiece.’ Alex Miller, award-winning Australian author


Bookmarks: Melting Moments
Tuesday 29 September 2020, 6.30pm
Online (Zoom)
Anna Goldsworthy speaker
Marshall McGuire moderator
Tickets $10 (FREE for members & Centre supporters)
Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre

Upon booking tickets, attendees receive an exclusive $5 discount on Melting Moments courtesy of Black Inc. Books, book club reading notes and access to the Bookmarks Facebook Group hosted by Anna Goldsworthy.

For more information and to book tickets click here.


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