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Newsboys Regional Music Award

Interview with 2021 recipient Eliza Creek (Nhill, Victoria)

With applications for the 2022 Newsboys Regional Music Award now open, we thought we’d chat with this year’s award winner – Flautist Eliza Creek. Eliza hails from the small town of Nhill near the border of Victoria and South Australia and is a flautist with ambition. As part of the Newsboys prize, Eliza received an all-expenses-paid musical week in Melbourne in 2021.

Why did you choose the flute, and how long have you been playing?
I have been playing the flute for 5 ½ years. I originally started learning piano but fell in love with the sound of the flute and thought it was a beautiful instrument, so changed from piano to flute.

Who are your musical heroes?
My musical heroes are my school music teacher and my flute teacher. My school music teacher, Catherine Bates, inspires me so much with her enthusiasm for all things music and my flute teacher, Kate Lawson, is always encouraging me to do my best.

What has been your performance highlight so far?
Unfortunately performance opportunities are a little scarce in Nhill, but I did particularly enjoy competing in the Wimmera Eisteddford in 2019 and was fortunate enough to win the “Woodwind – 4 years and over” category.

How would you describe your overall experience in Melbourne? What did you enjoy the most about the Newsboys Regional Music Award Prize?
The trip to Melbourne was absolutely amazing and eye opening. In my week, I had the opportunity to meet so many professional musicians, attend many amazing concerts and rehearsal, and explore the City of Melbourne. Although I enjoyed every part of the trip, I have to say the highlights were being able to have so many one-on-one lessons with some of Australia’s top flute players who were so encouraging and helpful in helping me improve my Flute playing. I also particularly liked being able to see the MSO perform, as this was the first time I had ever heard a live orchestra before and it was absolutely amazing.

What skills did you gain from having lessons with some of Australia’s top flute performers and educators?
The lessons were incredible. I learned so much and I gained a lot of knowledge on how to take my pieces to the next level. The teachers were so helpful in helping me improve my technique and sound quality. As I had never had face to face lessons before, sound quality was something my Zoom teacher was never able to work on. So, having the chance to work on my sound quality with these teachers was invaluable.

What is next for you in your music journey?
I still want to continue my flute studies and will continue to try and be involved in the music industry as much as I can, particularly sharing my love of flute by teaching younger students.

Any thoughts for the Newsboys Foundation who fund this program?
I cannot say thank you enough to the Newsboys Foundation for making this award possible. Without organisations like Newsboys Foundation sponsoring these types of programs, students like me would have very limited opportunities.

Why should students apply for the Newsboys Regional Music Award for 2022?
I would encourage any young aspiring regional musician to apply for this Award. This is an amazing opportunity and the experience was an incredible one I will never forget.

Applications for the 2022 Newsboys Foundation Regional Music Award are now open and will close on Friday 17 September 2021 at midnight.

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