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Percy Grainger Award

Melbourne Recital Centre is excited to announce the inaugural winner of the Percy Grainger Award.

Melbourne Recital Centre’s Percy Grainger Award recognises the finest performances of repertoire by Australian composers performed by selected co-presenting ensembles at Melbourne Recital Centre. A panel of internal and external music industry professionals award two cash prizes per year.

Congratulations to Rubiks Collective for their performance of Bianca Gannon’s work ‘Our House Is on Fire’

Bianca Gannon was the 2019 winner of Rubik’s annual Pythia Prize. The work was due for premiere in 2020 but was postponed to 2021 due to the pandemic. There was a close collaboration between Bianca and Rubiks on this work, reflecting the harsh memories of the 2020 Australian bushfires and serving as an intimate tribute to the communities affected. Rubiks and Bianca are grateful to the beautiful community of Mallacoota who so generously shared their experiences with Bianca.

From our judges

The clarity of the structure and the timbres employed led to a very affecting piece of music which was augmented through great cohesiveness between the performers. Deep listening produced an interpersonal communion which made the communication powerful. The use of the gas bottle as some sort of gamelan gong added to the haunting nature of the piece. The performers certainly fulfilled the narrative goal of the piece, and the interpretation was absorbing and compelling. There was something energised and spiritual in the playing.

The Percy Grainger Award prize money is supported by donations to the 2021 Local Artist Appeal.