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Press Release: Contours of Songlines

Featuring our 2019 Artist-in-Residence William Barton Kalkadunga man and didgeridoo virtuoso William Barton is ‘an Australian giant in every sense of the word. A musician at the very top of his game, he’s broken …

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Press Release: Margaret Leng Tan

THE DIVA OF AVANT-GARDE PIANISM IS COMING TO MELBOURNE RECITAL CENTRE Legendary Singaporean pianist Margaret Leng Tan has established herself as a major force within the American avant-garde; a highly talented and vi…

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Press Release: Hauschka

Neoclassical phenomenon Hauschka returns to Melbourne Recital Centre Oscar-nominated German composer and pianist Hauschka, whose music expresses the immortal bond between music and nature, is coming back to Melbourne…

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