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Primrose Potter Salon

Organic acoustics and inspiring architecture

The Primrose Potter Salon is a uniquely intimate 136-seat space that can also act as a companion room to the hall for concerts and associated events.

Comprising a series of diffusing timber panels with tessellated plywood faces which tip in and out to form a modulated wall and ceiling, the Primrose Potter Salon can be set up in multiple formations including concert-mode, cabaret-mode with tables and chairs and in the round.

Australian pianist/composer Percy Grainger believed ‘a melody is as free to roam through tonal space as a painter is free to draw and paint free lines.’ To illustrate this, Grainger’s 1937 graphic score, Free Music No. 2 is inscribed across the timber panels, inspiring players and audiences alike.

For more information, download the technical specifications, acoustic and architectural specifications and seating map or make an enquiry today.

Capacity: up to 136 seats