Attending Events

Attending Events

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Running Late?

For the safety and comfort of the artists and other audience members, late arrivals will only be admitted into venues during a suitable break (if one exists). This varies from performance to performance and for some events this break could be the first interval. Some performances do have a total lockout where entry may not be possible at all. Please arrive early to avoid disappointment. If you leave a performance once it has commenced, you will only be re-admitted at a suitable break (if one exists).

During either of these times, entry to your allocated seat is not guaranteed and ticket refunds are not available. We apologise for any disappointment this may cause and we do provide viewing monitors in the foyers for your convenience.

Collecting Tickets

Our Box Office is open for ticket collection from 11am – 5pm Mon – Fri and 2 hours before a ticketed event. Please bring your order confirmation, credit card and concession card/s with you. Only the credit card holder can collect tickets unless we’ve received prior approval. eTickets can be loaded on your smart phone for scanning or printed at home. If your tickets have been lost, call 03 9699 3333 or email us here.


We provide a free cloaking service for visitors attending concerts. The Cloakroom is located on Ground level next to the Box Office and is open from one hour before performances until all performances conclude.

For the safety and comfort of our audience, you must cloak all backpacks of any size, instruments, umbrellas and handbags or briefcases larger than an A3 sheet of paper. You will not be admitted into the venues with these or other items that may present a hazard to the comfortable enjoyment of the performance.

Where possible, we recommend that you do not bring larger items or items of significant value with you to the Centre. Please aim to arrive at Melbourne Recital Centre with enough time to cloak your items.

Audio /Video recording and photos

The Centre strictly prohibits the audio / video recording and taking of photos (including camera phones) anywhere in the venue.

When to applaud

For some shows, there are no expectations on when to applaud. Performers greatly value the applause of an audience and it is never unappreciated. However, for chamber music and symphony performances, there are some generally accepted conventions on when to do so.

If in doubt, wait to see when the rest of the audience applauds and follow their lead.


Just before the performance begins, all members of the Orchestra except the Concertmaster will be seated on stage. The Concertmaster is the violinist who sits in the first chair of the first row of the Orchestra. The audience will greet the Concertmaster with applause when he or she enters the stage. A few moments later, the Conductor will follow and the audience will applaud again. Should there be a soloist or soloists performing, they will enter with the Conductor and should also be applauded.

Once the performance commences, you will notice that symphonic works are often composed of several movements or sections with short pauses between each movement. It is customary to sit quietly during these pauses and save your applause for the end of the final movement.

Chamber Music

Like symphonies, chamber music pieces are often made up of several movements with short pauses between each movement. Audience members are encouraged to hold their applause until the end of the piece. Melbourne Recital Centre provides free program sheets for each performance, available from stewards in the foyer, which will outline the movements for each piece.

Dress Code

Unless specified, there is no formal dress code at Melbourne Recital Centre, although shoes must be worn at all times. If in doubt, smart casual is always a good choice.

Visiting with Children / Babies

We encourage children of all ages to learn and discover more about music by attending our events. We also encourage parents and guardians to be aware of their children’s behaviour whilst at the Centre and ensure that this doesn’t negatively impact on others enjoyment of an event. Our Box Office can provide further support and advise on age suitability for each event.

Unless advised on an events webpage, every person must have a valid entry ticket, regardless of age.

A limited number of booster cushions are available from the cloakroom upon request for use within our building as long as they do not obstruct the view of people seated behind them.