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Leave a Bequest

Your legacy lives on.

By leaving a gift in your Will to Melbourne Recital Centre, you are supporting the Centre’s future provision across all impact areas – music programming diversity, artistic development, and learning and access programs. Every gift is appreciated enormously and benefits the entire community.

We encourage you to let us know if you are leaving a gift to Melbourne Recital Centre in your Will so that we can thank you in person, share more detail about how your gift will be used, and invite you to join the Encore Bequest Circle. You will have the opportunity to have your name listed on our programs, and be invited to participate in special gatherings, concerts, behind-the-scenes tours and other exclusive events.

Below are some suggested wordings for various options for including a gift in your Will to Melbourne Recital Centre. All offer the advantage of maintaining the power of your gift to sustain the Centre for generations to come.

Please see below for more information.

  • Residuary Will Bequest – after looking after your family and friends and any debts, you may choose to leave what remains of your estate to a charitable organisation like Melbourne Recital Centre. A percentage residuary Will bequest is an alternative to give whatever percentage of the residue of your estate you wish to either one or more chartable beneficiaries.
  • Specific Will Bequest – you may like to nominate a dollar amount, expressed either as a nominal amount or a percentage of your estate, up to 100%. For example, members of our Encore Bequest Circle are leaving cash, property, shares and other assets to the Centre as part of their estate planning.
  • Donor Directed Bequest – you may wish to direct your gift towards a specific program or purpose that aligns with Melbourne Recital Centre’s impact areas. Please ensure that your Will provides a provision for Melbourne Recital Centre to redirect your gift to the closest alternative purpose or program if it becomes impossible or impracticable to apply it to the prescribed purpose.

Please click here or see the Downloads section of this page to view our suggested wording template to help you add one of these bequests to your will.

This information is of a general nature and we recommend you consult with your solicitor who is best placed to provide advice suitable to your situation and ensure your Will is valid and that your wishes are expressed correctly.

To learn more, please download our Encore Bequest Circle brochure in the downloads section of this page, or for a confidential discussion please contact:

Sylvie Huigen
Philanthropy Manager
(03) 9207 2648