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The Hugh Williamson Creative Production Fund


Just what does it take to bring ground-breaking live music experiences to life?

Melbourne Recital Centre is dedicated to presenting pioneering live music experiences, like Daniel Marcus Clark’s EarFilm To Sleep To Dream and Jordi Savall’s Jerusalem.

The Centre makes a significant investment to bring these large-scale, technically-complex music productions to Melbourne. It can’t happen without your philanthropic support.

The Hugh Williamson Creative Production Fund, established with a grant from The Hugh Williamson Foundation, helps the Centre commission new Australian music productions and present the best, large-scale works from here and overseas.

This is great for audiences, Australian artists and our technical crews, who get to experience the very latest innovations in music production right here in Melbourne.

Give life to ground-breaking music experiences
Donate to the Hugh Williamson Fund today and ensure the Centre continues to be the Best Place to Hear the best music from Australia and across the world.