Barbod Valadi – Scattered Shadows

Barbod Valadi

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & Barbod Valadi Quartet


A reflection on fragmented human experiences.

Classically trained multi-instrumentalist Barbod Valadi is known for his fusion of traditional Persian music with contemporary jazz. Championing musical exchange between cultures, Barbod forges pathways of unity between listeners of different backgrounds, engendering better intercultural understandings.

About the concert

His performance in Primrose Potter Salon presents the Barbod Valadi Quartet’s seventh album, Scattered Shadows. An exploration of fragmented human experiences, the quartet reflect on the nature of global mobility and increasingly transient lifestyles. There are scattered shadows in every society: the individuals whose rich and complex lives remain largely unseen.

Scattered Shadows creates a mystical mood and sense of ambivalence. An innovative body of work that invites reflection and contemplation of our modern lives.

Praise for Barbod Valadi

‘Barbod has many original approaches to improvisation and composition, and over the last few years has crystalized them with a diverse group of backing musicians into a unique ensemble, which blends the sounds of his homeland with his passion for new music.’ Head of Jazz Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University

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Barbod Valadi guitar
Danilo Rojas Luna piano
Nick Haywood double bass
Luke McIvor drums


Barbod Valadi
Guileless Dream
Scattered Shadows
Desolate Idea
Strangers’ Way
Shadow of a Doubt
Void Resistance
Persian Blues
A love Universe


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