3MBS Marathon Concert 6 – Invention, In Memory

3MBS Marathon

Presented by 3MBS Melbourne 103.5FM


Plexus and Quercus unite for the 3MBS Marathon.

Plexus is a hub of fizzing creativity, inspiring legions of composers. They’ve chosen to play a sensational piece by Brisbane’s Richard Grantham, commissioned for them by Melbourne’s Lyrebird Society.

Quercus, another creative trio passionate about encouraging repertoire for their special combination of horn, violin and piano perform the prototype, the utterly masterful Horn Trio by Brahms, written in memory of his mother.

COVID Safety

Melbourne Recital Centre is committed to the safety of our artists, staff and patrons. A range of public health, hygiene and physical distancing measures are currently in place. Click here to learn more.


Monica Curro violin
Philip Arkinstall clarinet
Stefan Cassomenos piano

Carla Blackwood horn
Elizabeth Sellars violin
Rhodri Clarke piano


Richard Grantham
The Lyrebird in my Piano

Johannes Brahms
Horn Trio Op.40