Syzygy Ensemble – Divine Inspiration

Syzygy Ensemble

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & Syzygy Ensemble


The Pleasure Principle.

A fearless pioneer in chamber music, Syzygy Ensemble combines virtuosic talent with a bold commitment to today’s music. Lauded for their breathtaking precision and innovative repertoires, the ensemble seeks to spark visceral connections between 21st-century artists and audiences.

About the concert

Don’t we all just want to be happy? Syzygy’s 2023 series explores the many paths that lead to pleasure and purpose. Whether we are seeking serotonin bursts from secular thrills or pursuing an otherworldly divine transcendence, happiness means different things to all of us depending on our heritage, our goals, and our need to conform or disrupt.

Divine Inspiration ruminates on the significance of being insignificant. To live with wonder and awe is to know contentment of an entirely different kind. Syzygy explores ancient castles, the inexorability of the seasons, and the rituals of the Eastern Orthodox Church in a concert that celebrates their search for meaning in a large, chaotic universe.

Caring for Our Community

Melbourne Recital Centre is committed to the safety of our artists, staff and patrons. A range of public health, hygiene and physical distancing measures are currently in place. Click here to learn more.


Laila Engle flutes
Robin Henry clarinet, bass clarinet
Kyla Matsuura-Miller violin
Campbell Banks cello
Leigh Harrold piano


Sofia Gubaidulina
Your Joy No Man Taketh From You

Evan Ziporyn
Tsmindao Ghmerto

Peteris Vasks
Castillo Interior

Ned Rorem
End of Summer
i. Capriccio

Dabrinka Tabakova
Whispered Lullaby

Gabriela Ortiz
Tres Haiku
No.1 El cielo es cada muro ‘A Sky is Every Wall’

Richard Toensing
Children of Light
v. Phos Hilarion


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