Love's Universe

Presented by Playking Productions Pty Ltd


A mesmerizing music performance intertwining Rumi’s poetry, Persian classical melodies, and soulful singing.

Since its composition in the 13th century, Rumi’s verses have transcended borders and time to become one of the world’s great literatures. In Love’s Universe Rumi’s immortal verse is entwined with the haunting melodies of Persian classical music in a rapturous performance inviting us to free the boundless power of the human spirit.

Iranian-Australian artist and Qanun player Vahideh embarks on a creative journey inspired by the wisdom of the celebrated poet Rumi. With classical Persian poetry’s inherent rhythm and music as her muse, Vahideh finds herself drawn deeper into the captivating world of Persian literature.

In Love’s Universe, Vahideh crafts poetic and musical responses to carefully chosen verses from Rumi’s works. Her responses become a fusion of her cultural influences from Australia and Iran, interwoven with contributions from fellow musicians – cellist Zoe Barry and ney, clarinet, and drum player Kelly Dowall. The musicians accompanying Vahideh on this profound journey become storytellers themselves.

Vahideh’s artistic exploration leads to profound inquiries about the power of voice, the dynamics of speaking and listening, and the concept of freedom itself. Rumi’s words, like a river with countless meanings, invite audiences to interpret them in their own unique way.

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Vahideh Eisaei concept creator, composer, qanun
Zoe Barry cello
Kelly Dowall ney, clarinet, drum
Elnaz Sheshgelani dramaturg, voice, costume design

Michael Kantor Director
Stephen Armstrong Executive Producer
Ziyin Wang Gantner Executive Producer
Jess Zhang Producer