The Boite – Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & The Boite


All women. All original. Violins, big bass, trumpets and more.

Step into the thrilling and vibrant world of Mariachi with the extraordinary all-female Melbourne-based band, Queen of Hearts. Showcasing their exceptional vocal talents through rich harmonies that exude sophistication and prowess, they not only breathe new life into traditional Mariachi music but also masterfully craft original compositions. With its musicians hailing from Colombia and Australia, Queen of Hearts embodies Melbourne’s melting pot of culture, music and innovation as they redefine traditions with their skill and professionalism.

About the concert

United by their shared passion for Mariachi music, Queen of Hearts comes alive with vigor and purpose as they express their deepest feelings, sorrows and desires through pulsating rhythms and spirited melodies. Drawing inspiration from Andean, folkloric and cumbia music, Queen of Hearts offers a fresh perspective on what Mariachi music can be: All women. All original. Violins, big bass, trumpets, and more, along with some audacious harmonies will leave listeners breathless. Fueled by passion, drama, and an unwavering dedication to their craft, Queen of Hearts reimagines tradition through celebration, forging a new and exhilarating musical experience.

Praise for The Boite

‘Queen of Hearts Mariachi is an all-female band drawing from the Mexican Mariachi tradition. Breaking all paradigms, these ladies from Latin America and Australia, do not just cover traditional classics but also write and perform original music. Their love for Mexican music unites them and creates a rich harmony of lyrical drama.’ – Beat Magazine

Caring for Our Community

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Rose Kavanagh violin and lead vocals
Bonnie Smiths guitar and lead vocals
Charlie Winterflood double bass
Vanessa Estrada guitar, cajon and backing vocals
Sarah Camm trumpet
Elizabeth Obando vihuela (Mexican guitar)


Bonnie Smiths

Elizabeth Obando

Bonnie Smiths
La Bruja

Tomás Méndez
Cucurrucucu Paloma

Bonnie Smiths

Ernesto Lecuona

Rose Kavanagh
Be Here to Love Me

Bonnie Smiths
Run Run Run

Elizabeth Obando

Angus Young

Fernando Maldonado

Flor de Toloache
Let Down