Coco's Lunch & The Sai Brothers – Raising Rhythms

Cocos Lunch & Sai Brothers

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & Coco's Lunch


‘Inordinately, preposterously, almost slanderously talented.’ – ABC Radio National

Experience the electrifying cross-cultural collaboration of Raising Rhythms as Coco’s Lunch and The Sai Brothers unite in a groundbreaking fusion of East and West. A bold exploration of creativity, they forge a distinct language and style that demands an intimate understanding of both traditions. For the first time, witness this captivating performance as it brings together the vocal textures of Coco’s Lunch with the rhythmic energy of The Sai Brothers on mridangam and kanjira.

About the concert

With Lisa Young’s mastery as a konnakol (South Indian vocal percussion) artist and a shared lineage between Coco’s Lunch and The Sai Brothers, this collaboration unveils a new dimension of artistic expression. Be immersed in beloved works such as Tha Thin Tha from their celebrated album, Misra Chappu, and be spellbound by Young’s award-winning composition, Other Plans, which was recently showcased as the opening choral piece of Bjork’s performance at the Perth International Arts Festival.

Renowned for their rhythmic prowess, South Indian vocal percussion, soulful lyrics and skintight harmonies, this is a must-see show for fans of Coco’s Lunch seeking an expansion of Misra Chappu’s stunning repertoire. Embark on a transcendent musical experience that resonates locally and globally.

Caring for Our Community

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Artists & Program


Lisa Young voice, djembe, surdo
Jacqueline Gawler voice, djembe, shaker, cajon
Gabrielle MacGregor voice, surdo
Emma Gilmartin voice, tambourine
Sai-Nivaeithan Ravichandhira mridangam, kanjira
Sai-Sarangan Ravichandhira mridangam, kanjira


Lisa Young
Other Plans
Baba Doo Lullaby
This Heart of the World
Tempo Of Humanity

Jacqueline Gawler
Chanson Pour Anaïs
Palani Princess

Lisa Young / Matilda Robertson / Ben Robertson
Vivamos Con Esperanza

Lisa Young / Ben Robertson
On The Track
Tha Thin Tha
Misra Chappu


‘Coco’s Lunch is living proof that the world’s first instrument – the human voice – is still the finest and most versatile…As singers, they prove that the voice has no bounds…’ – The Hindu, India

‘Beautiful music for an extraordinary year’ – Soft Power Mag, India

‘Coco’s Lunch remains one of the most inspirational and culturally compelling A Cappella groups in the world, reflecting the better society that awaits us all if we lean into harmony…’
Pitch Perfect USA

‘Hooray for this new album by Coco’s Lunch! I fell in love with ‘Other Plans’, so am happy now to see it again, with seven more tracks, each one distinctive, every one a winner. In what I see as a golden age of vocal consort music, Coco’s Lunch is among the champions, unique in the scope of their songs and in the way they voice them.’ – Dame Emma Kirkby, London