Speak Percussion – Sonic Eclipse

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Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and RISING & Speak Percussion


Witness a mass of musicians eclipse the Melbourne Recital Centre.

An immersive sonic event featuring new works by luminary art music composers, a mass of mobilised musicians, spatialised sonic choreography and a reframing of the marching band phenomenon.

Speak Percussion presents Sonic Eclipse, an immersive percussive event that interweaves four new Australian compositions into a seamless exhalation of spatialized sound. Featuring 50+ mobilised drummers and wind players and an ensemble of 12 leading percussionists, this performance bleeds across three floors and into the magnificent acoustics of the Elisabeth Murdoch Hall, reimagining the venue’s conventional acoustics and redefining the sonic boundaries of its traditional concert hall.

Led and performed by Speak Percussion in collaboration with members of Melbourne’s music community, this event showcases the music of acclaimed composers – Cathy Milliken, Erkki Veltheim, Damien Ricketson and Thomas Meadowcroft. Sonic Eclipse encourages the audience to listen three dimensionally and multi-sensorially: with their eyes, bodies and ears.

Praise for Speak Percussion

‘Virtuosic and adventurous’ – New York Times
‘Breathtakingly impressive’ – The West Australian

COVID Safety

Melbourne Recital Centre is committed to the safety of our artists, staff and patrons. A range of public health, hygiene and physical distancing measures are currently in place. Click here to learn more.


Eugene Ughetti Artistic Director
Bronwyn Pringle Lighting Designer
Kaylie Melville Assistant Artistic Director
Ashley Dyer Producer
Alistair McLean Sound Engineer


Cathy Milliken
Erkki Veltheim
Thomas Meadowcroft
Damien Ricketson


Niki Johnson
Hamish Upton
Alex Meagher
Anna Camara
Arwen Johnston
Gabriel Fischer
Sofia Carbonara
Aditya Bhat
Peter Neville
Bridget Bourne
Rebecca Lloyd-Jones


Thomas Meadowcroft
March Static

Cathy Milliken

Damien Ricketson
Is Anybody There?

Erkki Veltheim
‘The Sacred Table of Saturn’ from The Divine Order of Celestial Numbers