The Resonant Heart – The Heart Whispers and Whirls

The Resonant Heart by RICK EVERTSZ

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & The Resonant Heart


A ritualistic feast of ancient ways of knowing.

The Resonant Heart (TRH) is a collective that creates autonomous, authentic spaces for CALD and BIPOC women and female identifying artists to share their voices, craft and dreams with wider Australian audiences.

About the concert

Their performance in Primrose Potter Salon presents an intimate, ritualistic performance featuring songs, stories, poems, instrumentals and gestural dances that shed light on the little-known voices of Indian, Iranian, South Sudanese and Balkan diasporas.

Presented by devotional vocalist and sitarist Sarita McHarg, Iranian musician Vahideh Eisaei, practitioner of Naghal, the Persian theatre form, Elnaz Sheshgelani, South Sudanese MC and poet Lizzy Kuoth and the Balkan/Sephardic Jewish Trio SARAY Iluminado that includes vocalist Nela Trifkovic and instrumentalists Irine Vela and Kelly Dowall.

Featuring a kaleidoscope of original compositions, traditional Bosnian, Sephardic Indian and Iranian works with songs, stories and poems in Nuer, Hindi, Bosnian, Farsi and Judeo-Spanish Ladino language. This event is a ritualistic feast of ancient ways of knowing being transposed into the tremulous present.

Praise for TRH

‘Be transported to distant homelands, to the times when our grandmothers sang and told stories accompanied by the kitchen sifters and pots, when they sang their grandchildren to sleep and, improvised stories of courage and resilience, as they kissed their departing family members goodbye – possibly never to see them again.’ The Resonant Heart

COVID Safety

Melbourne Recital Centre is committed to the safety of our artists, staff and patrons. A range of public health, hygiene and physical distancing measures are currently in place. Click here to learn more.


Nela Trifkovic voice, frame drum
Irine Vela voice, lutes
Kelly Dowall clarinet, ney, frame drum
Sarita McHarg sitar, vocals, drum, harmonium
Vahideh Eisaei qanun, frame drum, vocals
Elnaz Sheshgelani spoken word, voice, frame drum, movement, mask and puppetry work
Lizzy Kuoth spoken word, voice, frame drum, movement, mask and puppetry work


Sarita McHarg
The Welcoming Raga

Lizzy Kuoth
The Welcome Words

Iranian Folk Dance from Shiraz

Elnaz Sheshgelani
The Price of Tears and Onions

Nela Trifkovic
Oh My Mother

Sarita McHarg
Indian Wedding Song

Vahideh Eisaei

Nela Trifkovic

Nela Trifkovic
The Snow Falls/The Mountain Ahead of Me

Lizzy Kuoth
The Closing Ritual