Franck Vigroux & Antoine Schmitt – Cascades

Franck Vigroux

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre


Acclaimed French artists unveil their latest audio-visual masterpiece.

Step into the spellbinding world of Cascades as acclaimed French artists Franck Vigroux and Antoine Schmitt unveil their latest audio-visual masterpiece. Drawing inspiration from the ethereal beauty of waterfalls, the duo takes audiences on a captivating electro-acoustic journey. Performing against a backdrop of surging pixels, witness the poetic interplay between Vigroux’s electronic textures and Schmitt’s generative video as it’s created live on stage.

A leading figure in the French music scene, Vigroux is a multifaceted composer whose works range from experimental electronic to modern composition and music theatre. With influences from industrial to musique concrète, his music embodies tectonic tensions, beats, and a very personal approach to sonic exploration. Bringing the visual dimension of Cascades to life, Schmitt is a Paris-based installation artist and programming engineer. Through dynamic systems and minimalist aesthetics, he explores the intricate relationship between form and perspective through programmed movement. Together, they transform the intimate Primrose Potter Salon into a sublime cinematic and sonic experience not to be missed. Discover Antoine Schmitt and Franck Vigroux’s awe-inspiring Cascades here.

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Franck Vigroux electronics
Antoine Schmitt generative video

Experience Guide

See.png See aimed French artists perform their latest audio-visual masterpiece.

Hear.png Hear electronic textures and vast, experimental soundscapes.

Think.png Think about the interplay between Franck Vigroux’s boundary-pushing compositions and Antoine Schmitt’s generative visuals.

Feel.png Feel a sense of awe, wonder, and contemplation as you embark on this experience.


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