Hanadayori Night – Ikebana Performance by Shoso Shimbo accompanied by Slava Grigoryan

Slava Grigoryan

Presented by Melbourne Ikebana Festival


Immerse yourself in the seamless fusion of Ikebana and music in an atmosphere of serenity and contemplation.

‘Hanadayori’ is a Japanese word that means the flowers you have been waiting for have finally arrived.

Step into a realm of beauty and tranquillity with a live Ikebana performance by Shoso Shimbo, to the accompaniment of Slava Grigoryan’s solo guitar. Shoso finds the perfect place for each element, guided by centuries-old principles of Japanese aesthetics. As the form of the installation gradually emerges, Grigoryan’s guitar infuses the space with a sense of harmony and contemplation. The collaboration between Shimbo’s artistry and Grigoryan’s musical prowess invites audiences to immerse themselves in a moment of pure serenity. Through the fusion of Ikebana and guitar, this performance offers a glimpse into the profound connection between humanity and the natural world, where beauty blooms in both sight and sound.

Metascent, the major sponsor of the Melbourne Ikebana Festival, has released a new perfume suite, the Hanadayori Collection, to celebrate and commemorate the Hanadayori experience.

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Shoso Shimbo Ikebana performance
Slava Grigoryan solo guitar