YoCiTY – Jarabi Band

Jarabi Band

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & Yo CiTY


Jarabi Band ignites the stage with their contemporary Guinean fusion of rich vocals, upbeat rhythms, and intricate melodies.

Get ready for an electrifying evening as Jarabi Band takes audiences on an uplifting journey through the ancient Manding Empire in West Africa to modern-day life. Led by visionary Guinean-born, Melbourne-based artist Mohamed Camara, Jarabi weaves a vibrant tapestry of rich vocals, upbeat rhythms, and intricate melodies on the kora, guitar, saxophone, and balafon. A reflection of Australia’s vibrant and diverse music scene, experience an incredibly joyful and dynamic sound as Jarabi ignites the stage.

Performing their most recent release, Duniama, a word which means ‘in this world’ in the Susu language, it seeks to encompass everything that Jarabi stands for. Driven by a deep desire to share Guinea’s music and culture with the world, Camara describes the album as a ‘personal journey of life, loss, and love.’

Transcending cultural and language barriers with profound storytelling through Guinean Susu and Malinke language, Jarabi’s music resonates with listeners on a deeply personal level.

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Artists & Program


Mohamed Camara vocals, kora, djembe
Anna Camara balafon, dun duns, backing vocals
Thomas E Rouch guitar
Georgia Frey bass guitar
Maddison Carter drums
Cheryl Durongpisitkul saxophone, backing vocals


Mohamed Camara
Guinée Fanyi

Mohamed Camara / Traditional

Mohamed Camara
La Loir
Diya Funk
Guinea Blues
Kolon Kuma

Kandia Kora
N’diarabi magni

Traditional / Mohamed Camara / Jarabi

Mohamed Camara

Experience Guide

See.png See Jarabi Band perform their vibrant fusion of Guinean and contemporary music.

Hear.png Hear rich vocals, rhythmic beats, and intricate melodies.

Think.png Think about how Jarabi Band transcends cultural and language barriers through profound storytelling.

Feel.png Feel joy, uplifted, and energised by this performance.


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