Now or Never

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & Now or Never


U.K. producer Clark and acclaimed choreographer Melanie Lane present an evocative contemporary dance performance.

With the desperate struggle to evolve comes the inevitability of collapse. In order to create, we must also destroy.

U.K. electronic music producer Clark and award-winning choreographer Melanie Lane present MOUNTAIN, an evocative contemporary dance performance with breathtaking costumes by designer Akira Isogawa.

Inhabiting a space between the mythic and manmade worlds, MOUNTAIN is an urgent exploration of tension between the transcendence of conquering unreachable peaks and the terror of descent. Echoing the human struggle to move ‘upwards,’ this sonic and choreographic motion moves within these mysterious landscapes.

Set to a live score of electronics, strings, and piano composed and performed by Clark, alongside the Canberra Symphony Orchestra Chamber Ensemble, dancers Tyrel Dulvarie, Sarah Black, Yolanda Lowatta, and Max Burgess climb, collapse, and take flight. Their movements are carried by music that both threatens and promises a realm beyond our own.

Caring for Our Community

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Melanie Lane choreographer
Clark composer, musician
Akira Isogawa costume designer
Sara Black, Max Burgess, Tyrel Dulvarie, Yolanda Lowatta dancers
Bosco Shaw lighting designer
Tristan Coelho orchestrator
Visions / Freya Waterson producer
Chelsea Byrne associate producer

The development of MOUNTAIN was supported by Arts ACT, Creative Australia, Phoenix Central Park, the musicians of the Canberra Symphony Orchestra Chamber Ensemble, Canberra Theatre Centre, QL2 Dance and Chloe Munro / Lucy Guerin Inc.

This presentation of MOUNTAIN is delivered through Corps Conspirators. This initiative, supported by Creative Victoria and led by Melanie Lane, is a project exploring collaborative choreographic practices, multi-artform experimentation and transcultural experience.

Content Warnings

Dynamic sound – loud or sudden noises
Haze, smoke or fog effects
Lighting dimmed or extinguished
Light sensitivity – strobing, lasers or intense bright flashing lights
Loud music or sound for a sustained period


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