La Compañia – The Baroque of Venice

La Compañia

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & La Compañia


Witness the sumptuous music of Italian masters brought to life with virtuosity and flair.

La Compañia unfailingly embodies repertoire with precision, flexibility, and vibrant musicality. The celebrated Renaissance band unearths some of the most beautiful and fascinating music of the 16th and early 17th centuries with virtuosity and flair. Directed by Danny Lucin, the celebrated ensemble is recognised as Australia’s preeminent period instrument ensemble specialising in music of the Renaissance and early Baroque.

Immerse yourself in the sumptuous and breathtaking music of the Italian masters as La Compañia takes listeners on a captivating journey to the Italian north. Performing the lavish music of Claudio Monteverdi along with the refined gems of his contemporaries, experience virtuosic songs with florid and expressive melodies dynamically woven with the new Baroque style. Joyfully adorned with masterful improvisations through their splendid period instruments, don’t miss La Compañia as they create the lush soundscape of an era that redefined musical artistry.

Praise for La Compañia

‘One seldom hears this repertoire as fresh and played with such musicality.’ – MDR Radio

‘Joyfully ornamented music with such security in style that is only achieved by the masters in the field.’ – Toccata Journal

‘Danny Lucin masters the cornetto with jazzistic flights of fancy.’ – Expresso Newspaper

Caring for Our Community

Melbourne Recital Centre is committed to the safety of our artists, staff and patrons. A range of public health, hygiene and physical distancing measures are currently in place. Click here to learn more.

Artists & Program


Danny Lucin cornetto, director
Jacqueline Porter soprano
Stephanie Eldridge baroque violin
Glenn Bardwell sackbut
Trea Hindley sackbut
Laura Vaughan viola da gamba, lirone
Victoria Watts viola da gamba
Rosemary Hodgson theorbo, baroque guitar
Christine Baker percussion, chamber organ
Arun Patterson baroque violin


Claudio Monteverdi
Toccata from L’Orfeo
Con che soavità, SV, 139
Sinfonia from L’Orfeo
Balletto from L’Orfeo
Sinfonia & Moresca from L’Orfeo
Lamento della Ninfa (madrigal from Book 8), SV 163
Altri canti d’Amor

Biagio Marini
Con le stelle in ciel

Giorgio Mainerio
Ballo Anglese

Francesco Cavalli
Delizie, e contenti (Giasone)

Adrian Willaert
Sempre mi ride sta

Francesco Cavalli
Piante ombrose (La Calisto)
Sinfonia (Il Giasone)
Che citta (L’Ormindo)

Tarquinio Merula
Folle e ben che si crede

Experience Guide

See.png See celebrated Renaissance band La Compañia perform the breathtaking music of the Italian masters.

Hear.png Hear the lavish music of Claudio Monteverdi along with the refined gems of his contemporaries.

Think.png Think about how masterfully La Compañia recreates the lush soundscape of an era that redefined musical artistry.

Feel.png Feel exhilarated and enraptured by this performance.