Vardos – Women of Eastern European Music


Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & Vardos


A heartfelt homage to the remarkable women of Eastern European music.

Vardos has spent decades perfecting their Eastern European instrumental and language skills, embodying a culture that is ever-present in their thrilling performances. Driven by violinist Alana Hunt, chased by Kirri Büchler on double bass and Sofia Chapman on accordion, Vardos perform folk and Romany music with ‘formidable panache’ (The Herald Edinburgh).

In this intimate Salon experience, Vardos pays tribute to the rich legacy of Eastern European women musicians— including violinists, accordionists, double bassists, and musicians they encountered and learnt from during their travels. From the legendary Macedonian Rroma singer Esma Redžepova-Teodosievska to Romanian popstar Loredana, and Hungarian folk specialist Salamon Beáta, this performance honours the inspirational women who have shaped Vardos’ eclectic sound. Featuring violin, accordion, double bass, viola, vocals in five languages, and the enchanting tones of the Hungarian hurdy-gurdy, this promises to be a night of musical discovery and celebration

Praise for Vardos

‘With stagecraft that is equal parts formation dancing, martial arts and Keystone Cops, the violin-accordion-double bass trio play with formidable panache, spinning the tunes into a dizzying procession of crescendos and false stops. Vardos don´t hold back. They give the tumbling, compound-time dances and slow airs so sad they can´t bring themselves to sing the words – both barrels and not a few of Hunt’s bow hairs.’ – The Herald Edinburgh

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Sofia Chapman accordion
Alana Hunt violin
Kirri Büchler double bass


The special teachings of Beáta Salamon
Ramo Ramo – Esma and her brothers
Village dreams of Márta Sebestyén
Maria Tănase‘s songs of words
Romica Puceanu’s Satra
Virágvölgyi Márta’s regional transcriptions of Transylvania

Vardos / Panna Czinka
the legendary Primás of the past

Come back and love again

Bohuslav Ondráček / Marta Kubišová

Traditional / Gabi Luncă
Come to Bucharest


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