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Additional show announced due to popular demand! An evocative journey through Aboriginal language and sublime modern production.

Experience ancient Aboriginal language and sublime modern production as Yirinda invoke the sounds of thousands of generations of story and culture. A collaboration between acclaimed artists, Butchulla songman Fred Leone, and contrabassist Samuel Pankhurst, witness what critics have lauded as a ‘cinematic, sumptuous bridge from past to present and beyond’ (The Guardian). Having captivated listeners at Vivid Festival, Golden Plains, and Mona Foma, the duo takes listeners on an evocative journey as they traverse language, culture, and conventions of Western music.

Performing their stunning single, ‘Yuangan (Dugong)’ from their self-titled debut album, the duo reinterprets a hunting and migratory song of the Butchulla people from the Fraser Coast region. Originally recorded in approximately 1960, this work is preserved by the University of Queensland Anthropology Museum.

A soul stirring, string-led experimental composition, Yirinda seamlessly blends ambient soundscapes and classical elements with traditional language in an unmissable performance.

Praise for Yirinda

‘…a cinematic, sumptuous bridge from past to present and beyond.’ – The Guardian

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Fred Leone Vocals/Didge/Guitar
Sam Pankhurst Double bass/Vocals/Glockenspiel/Nagra
Richie Daniell Percussion/SPD SX
Erik Griswold Keyboards/Ableton

Experience Guide

See.png See acclaimed artists Butchulla songman Fred Leone and contrabassist Samuel Pankhurst perform their debut album.

Hear.png Hear evocative melodies sung in the Butchulla language through experimental soundscapes.

Think.png Think about how Yirinda merges Aboriginal culture and contemporary musical innovation.

Feel.png Feel deeply moved, contemplative, and enriched by this experience.


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