Primrose Potter Salon

Cutting-edge design and an inspiring experience

Located on the ground floor, the Primrose Potter Salon is an architecturally and acoustically rich space suitable for a variety of social functions, corporate and business-related events including receptions, cocktails and refreshments, dining, recordings, presentations, and more.

Inspired by Australian pianist/composer Percy Grainger, who believed ‘a melody is as free to roam through tonal space as a painter is free to draw and paint free lines’, the Primrose Potter Salon’s diffusing timber panels display an inscription of Grainger’s 1937 graphic score Free Music No. 2, inspiring musicians, guests and audiences alike.

With cutting-edge design and state-of-the-art technical facilities, the Primrose Potter Salon offers a unique and inspiring experience for all, linking writing, music and ornament.

Capacity: 100 seated dining / 180 standing reception