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Share the Music

Research reveals that both children and adults benefit emotionally, intellectually, socially and even physically from the shared experience of live music.

Here at the Centre we take pride in being able to create engaging live music experiences for people of all ages with diverse music interests and different backgrounds.

Launched in 2010, our Share the Music program aims to enrich the lives of children and adults in our community who face barriers to access.

The program ensures the power of music is enjoyed by people who would otherwise not be able to attend, giving them the chance to become a part of our community of music lovers; to connect with music, musicians and with each other.
Since 2010, Share the Music has provided transport and tickets for approximately 5000 children and adults who might otherwise not be able to attend.

Want to get involved?

If you require assistance with tickets or transport and are interested in getting involved, download the application form at the top of this page or email

Want to Share the Music?

Share the Music relies on donations from generous supporters who are passionate about sharing the music with the community. If you are interested in donating to the program, please click here.